A Grand Opening, indeed!

Less than 4 weeks until the Grand Opening….eeee!

Most recently I have been knee-deep in hanging systems and postcards and artist recruitment…who knew directing a gallery would provide me with such diverse, and very different experiences.  It has been a great learning process, that’s for sure!

Our Grand Opening extravaganza is coming together splendidly.  A dear friend who specializes in vegan cupcakes will providing snacks, as well as delicious offerings from A Cut Above Catering; West Coast Tacos, one of Indy’s favorite food trucks, will be parked out side serving dinner; Yelp will have a table. . .what else?

Oh yeah!  The artists!  (Jk, I could never forget them.)

I am most excited to introduce local artists, Emily Janowiak and Jeff Litsey!  They traveled to Guatemala at the beginning of the summer and will be exhibiting their artistic responses, appropriately titled, Reflections on Guatemala.

Jeff and Emily pause for a picture in Guatemala.

Emily is originally from Lafayette, and a graduate of IU in Bloomington.  She currently teaches art, and is studying to earn her Master’s in Museum Studies from IUPUI.  “Central to my work,” she notes, “are the pursuit of identity and the complexities of human relationships, both of which are disorganized and without finality.”

by Emily Janowiak

by Emily Janowiak

Jeff Litsey lives in Indianapolis and works as a pro-barista at Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Co.  Whether spinning rosettes in latte foam or painting swirls of blue over mountain scenes, Jeff is intent on expressing his world from an artistic perspective.  He is fairly silent in writing regarding himself and his work, but ask him anything (well, almost anything) and he’ll be glad to engage in conversation.

by Jeff Litsey

by Jeff Litsey

Just seeing these pieces makes me excited to see the entire exhibit!  Reflections on Guatemala promises to be the perfect introduction of our little gallery to the world.  Please join us!  Invite friends and spread the word.  We’ll see you there!


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