November: Project Einstein

"Family at Home" by Tha Khun Tial, a student at Southport High School

In August, I had the opportunity to meet with Emily Jacobi, of Digital Democracy, to discuss the possibility of sharing one of her projects in our gallery.  I am excited beyond words to be hosting Project Einstein and the From the Burma Border to Indianapolis project.  Indianapolis is home to one of the country’s largest refugee populations, and this project allows us to view life from their lens.  My words cannot possibly explain it any better than Emily’s, so here goes:

From the Burma Border to Indianapolis is a powerful photography exhibit, showcasing the photographs of North Central High Schoolʼs and Southport High Schoolʼs refugee students. These students are from the Southeast Asian country of Burma/Myanmar and have fled to refugee camps before being recently resettled in Indianapolis. The images they present illustrate what life is like for refugee youth in their new home and highlight aspects of their tradition.

What past viewers have said about the exhibit:

“Love[d] the opportunity to learn more about the Burmese Community in our city.” – Erica Denney

“What a wonderful way to meet the Burmese students and learn of their lives. It was a very emotional and heart-warming event.” – Carol Holzman

“We enjoyed the students, their stories, and their marvelous photographs. Each one has a remarkable story—so glad they are sharing with the community.” – Marjorie and Jon Williams

"No Bullying" by Poe Si Si, a student at North Central High School

From the Burma Border to Indianapolis is the product of a two-year initiative called Project Einstein–a program under the umbrella of Digital Democracy, founded by Indianapolis native Emily Jacobi.

Project Einstein Indianapolis is a photography and digital pen pal project taking place at North Central High School and Southport High School. The project teams Karen, Karenni, and Chin refugee students with other school classmates. Students document the world around them and share their inspiring stories.”

The exhibit will open Friday, Nov. 4th, with an artist reception from 6-9p, and will run until Nov. 19th.  The student artists will be on hand to answer any questions and meet their adoring fans.  Please join me in welcoming these artists to our city!


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