Einstein Project: Opening Night

Ok, so, it’s been a couple weeks since First Friday, but I still wanted to highlight the opening night for Einstein Project, a photo journey into the lives of Burmese refugee high school students in the city.  Almost all of the students who participated in the project, from both North Central and Southport High Schools, were able to be present.  What a beautiful, incredible group of young people!

On the gallery wall, we had photographs  the students had taken–an eclectic group of pictures that included time with friends, family portraits, landscapes and traditional Burmese food.  Then, around the room we displayed refugee facts, pictures from the camps in Taiwan, and, most importantly, the stories and bios of these young ones.  This is where it got heavy, as many of them faced persecution personally, fled from their homes at young ages, and lived in camps for 8-10 years before coming to the States.  Theirs are stories of loss and love and joy found in unexpected places and people.

Besides having these guys hanging out with us, I was so blessed by those who came to see the exhibit.  Each person actively looked at the work, taking the time to read the stories and poems, even talking to the young artists about their work.

Here are just a few pictures of the evening (find more here):

The group and I posing for a picture. Try to find me!

The only people missing from these pics are the incredible teachers who work with and support these kids.  An incredible group of women who are continually giving of their free time to support the project.  Thank you for all the work you do!

The exhibit will only be up this weekend and next, so come by if you haven’t already!


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