The Gallery presents: Reflections feat. Hirschten, Nimtz, House

April showers bring May flowers, they say.
April also brings an incredible collection of work by three local artists–Addie Hirschten, Beka Nimtz, and Marie House.  The exhibit, accurately titled Reflections, expresses each artist’s unique way of viewing this world and their place in it.  Their pieces explore the nature of reflection, both literally and figuratively, and are certain to inspire, encourage and provoke new perspectives.

Meet the artists:

Addie Hirschten

Addie Hirschten is a painter, writer and professional storyteller who recently moved to Indianapolis in 2011.  Painting and drawing have always been of interest to Addie.  Fresh, new paintings for sale are posted every few days on her blog and website. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from Appalachian State University and currently teaches for the ArtReach program of the Indianapolis Art Center.

Traveling throughout Indiana, Addie presents performances for children in libraries and schools.  Drawing from her background as a children’s librarian these shows incorporate folklore, puppetry and a little bit of philosophy.

“Behind all of my artwork and performances is a message of celebration for the world we live in.  By passing on paintings and stories, I hope to plant seeds of inspiration, hope and healing in others.”

White River from Broad Ripple Park by Addie Hirschten.

Beka Nimtz

A transplant to the city from the cornfields of Indiana, Nimtz almost studied for an Art degree, but instead switched to English.  In terms of writing style, she finds herself unconsciously inspired by a blend of Kahlil Gibran, Annie Dillard, and Wendall Berry.  She enjoys spending time biking and knitting.

On her craft:  “When creating, we either work out of response to that which is without or within–yet even as artists, making visible the invisible, we can tend to neglect taking a closer look at that which is most inward.  Like exploring caves or sifting for treasure, what do we really find there?  Is our approach to the attention we give to the outward and the inward in our lives similar or different–or do we focus on one to the neglect of the other?”

Beka recently spent some time in Guatemala and will be sharing some of experiences through painting and photography.

by Beka Nimtz.

Marie House

“I have been practicing art ever since I was about 8 years old, but due to the traditions of my parents, they did not encourage my talents as an artist.  They did encourage me to get an education and a real job when I grow up.  I have an associates degree in business administration.

Although I have not made much money in the art genre, I am addicted to practicing some kind of visual art daily, but sometimes the practicing is in the beginning stages of my mind for days until I get to the point where I can’t bear to think on it any longer.  Then I attack the surface of the canvas, paper or board.”

Go Right by Marie House.

The exhibit, Reflections, will open on First Friday, April 6th, with an artist reception from 6-9p.  It will run until Saturday, April 28th.  For more details, click here.


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