FPA&B Welcomes: Christopher J. Boghosian Films

This Friday, April 13th, Fletcher Place Arts & Books is excited to welcome Christopher and Joletta Boghosian.  The two, as part of Christopher J. Boghosian Films, will be discussing their latest project, a love story to be filmed in Indiana.  The event will serve as a fundraiser for the film; all are invited to attend and get in on this creative process.  Event starts at 7p and light refreshments will be served.

About Christopher J. Boghosian Films

The mission at Christopher J. Boghosian Films is to make beautiful, intelligent, honest and captivating films.  Through a synthesis of highly personal work with constructive collaboration, they transcend both subjective and objective points-of-view, resulting in a uniquely valuable work of art.  They envision becoming highly influential and well-establihed film artists that not only produce ground breaking films, but also contribute wisdom, resources and encouragement through education and mentorship.

Christopher J. Boghosian Films was launched in 2008.  Since then they have created twelve short films including Fade to Red, First Light, and Jasmin and Josephine, which were featured at the Arpa International Film Festival in years 2008, 2009, 2010, respectively.  The short films of our intensive, 7 Films, 7 Weeks, are available for viewing on Follow my Film.  Our first feature film, Girlfriend 19, was recently completed in 2012 and is currently in consideration at prominent film festivals across the country.

CJ Boghosian with actors on the set of Girlfriend 19.

Their newest film is a love story that explores the beauty and enigma of two people being drawn together as they help one another overcome personal fears.  They will take the classic love story and strip away gratuitous drama, conflict and emotions, leaving a pure focus on two people falling in love. To do this they will use a resource-based filmmaking process in which we are inspired by the people, places and finances available to them. With a small crew they can harness the flexibility and simplicity of modern digital filmmaking. This artistic and innovative approach will enable them to make the unique film that we feel called to make, utilizing unconventional camera work, editing and sound design.

They hope to film primarily in Wabash, but are also considering locations in Ft. Wayne, Marion, Silver Lake and Warsaw.  They will invite nearby residents to apply for crew positions and audition for supporting actor roles.  Upon completion of the project, they will have premieres in the cities represented in their project.  They will also submit the film to festivals.

The film is fiscally sponsored through Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) public charity.  They are attempting to raise $30,000 through grants and tax-deductible gifts from individuals.  Donations can be made online here.

For more info, contact Joletta Boghosian: jolettaboghosian@yahoo.com.


1 thought on “FPA&B Welcomes: Christopher J. Boghosian Films

  1. Thank you so much for hosting our fundraiser; it really was encouraging, especially all the great people we met!!! Your place is really fantastic and we look forward to stopping by in the near future when we’re back in Indy!!! -Christopher

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