The Gallery presents: My Neighborhood, Our City

One of our core values from the beginning has been “community.”  This is a very broad term that covers a variety of things.  For us, it means both being a resource for the community as well as a place that supports the good things that are already happening in our city.

And there are a lot of great things happening in Indianapolis.  There is an overwhelmingly high number of profits that call the city home, and many of them focus on the city, addressing anything from urban to poverty to agricultural issues.

We are excited to introduce two such organizations.  Rebuilding the Wall and Lyn House both work within urban neighborhoods near downtown Indy to help break cycles of poverty and address other issues that negatively affect urban populations.  They will be presenting My Neighborhood, Our City, a collection of photographs taken by students.  The students live in the neighborhoods that these organizations work with and are part of a class called the Viewfinder Project.  Through the class, theyget to see the city through a whole new lens as well as have the opportunity to express themselves artistically.

A reception will go from 6-9p and the artists will be present and prepared to discuss their work with visitors; light refreshments will be served.  Please join us in celebrating these young artists and their work!


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