Book Exchange Party

Books. People. Food.

I am so excited about this party! I love books. I love passing good books along and I love getting new books that have been loved well.

How it’ll work:

1. Bring a wrapped book (that you loved but are willing to part with) to the gallery September 27th at 7PM.

2. You’ll fill out a little sheet with the reasons why you enjoyed the book

3. We’ll pull numbers to exchange books

4. We’ll get to enjoy meeting new people and getting new books!

Book Exchange template was taken from the Reid Girls Blog can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Book Exchange Party

  1. The book exchange was so fun–We had about 15 people show up with a variety of books. When each book was opened, we were able to discuss it if some of us had read it. And it was nice to get together with others in the community who like to read. I didn’t receive this book–The Devil in the White City–but it’s now on my To Read List because of the book exchange recommendation. You should try it!

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