Fletcher Place Arts & Books exists to be a place where:

  • New and emerging local artists can display their art as a means of introducing themselves to the Indy art community and sharing their artistic vision with others.
  • Community members are able to gather in an inviting and relaxing environment and engage in the creative process.
  • Seekers are welcome to explore answers to life’s bigger questions concerning God and faith.

Fletcher Place Arts & Books opened in October 2011.  It was birthed out of the vision that a place could exist where artists could display their work, books could be available for all to share and read and space could exist for people to begin engaging the creative process.  It is continually evolving as more and more ideas come alive in this space.

The space is versatile, with tables and seating available for 40-50+ people.  Furniture can be pushed back and moved to facilitate a dance party or utilized as a co-op work space.*

The space is also available as a rental venue for a modest fee. If you have an event you’d like to host at the gallery, please contact us.

Events Coordinator: Sarah Pedersen, fpartsandbooks@gmail.com

*Please note that FPA&B does not currently have a projector, projection screen or internet services.



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