Exhibition Guidelines

Interested in featuring your work?  Check out these guidelines:

Criteria for Artists:

  • Artists must complete the application process to be considered.
  • In order for an artist to display, they must be considered “local” and “emerging.”  While these definitions are flexible, they do exclude artists beyond the state of Indiana, as well as artists who are already well established in the local art community and/or are currently being represented by another gallery.
  • Artists will be required to be at the opening of their show for an artist’s reception.  All shows open on the First Friday of the month.
  • Each artist must prepare their work for display prior to installation.
    *This can be creatively/uniquely done; please discuss options with the art coordinator prior to installation.
  • Art work must be ready to hang on a hook to accommodate our hanging system.
  • Each artist must provide his or her own labels (can be stickers or on plain paper).
  • Each artist must submit an inventory sheet and price list, prior to opening night. (This can be e-mailed in advance or given to you at the time of your installation.)
Exhibition Details:
  • Shows typically last 3-4 weeks, and can feature more than one artist.
  • Each show will open on a First Friday and include an artist reception.
  • In general, Fletcher Place Arts & Books staff/volunteers will complete installation of pieces, but artists should be on hand in case of any questions or complications.
  • Fletcher Place Arts & Books will be responsible for promotion via social media and a small amount of print media.  Artists are expected to promote themselves through their own avenues, personal social media, etc.
  • Because the space is also used for a variety of family and church events, content of work must not include nudity or profanity.
Sales in the Gallery:
  • All work must be clearly labeled with title and price.
  • A 20% commission will be charged on any art sold within the gallery; artists can set their own prices but should take this into consideration.
  • Payments will be made to Fletcher Place Arts & Books; artists will be presented a report of sales as well as their percentage of payment within 14 days after the show, given that the Gallery has received all payments in full.
  • Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  • Once accepted, each artist will receive an e-mail confirming show dates, art installation dates and pick-up dates/times.
  • Every attempt will be made to schedule artist according to desired months, but compatibility and availability will take precedence.
  • Any art not picked up by assigned dates/times will be subject to a storage fee; any art not picked up after 6 months will become property of the gallery.
Theft or Damage:
  • Fletcher Place Arts & Books does not carry an insurance policy for artwork and will not be held responsible for pieces that are stolen or damaged. While we work hard to ensure that no problems arise, artists should be aware that the gallery is also a community space and some of the events (private parties, etc.) are not continually monitored by staff members.



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